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kupong production. Movement looks good on paper, included two piece zulu is actually decent too. I guess it is supposed to be a bit of a tongue in cheek poke at Rolex's verbiage, but I don't want to have to explain an insider's joke. There is no financial incentive in this for. Ginault plans to offer bespoke watches based on legendary military diving watches. I received a discount code after exchanging emails with Ginault and offering to do a comparison of their product against the OWC MS-9411 running the Soprod A-10.

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I have nothing against watches made overseas, but if I can get one that was made here, cool. Gov atomic clock over a period of 7 days. The watch was not "charged" in any way beyond just whatever sunlight exposure it got on a cloudy, snowy day here. The Ocean Rover's clicks do not feel "tinny" in any way, but more like spinning a dial on a machine tool or maybe an old safe. The dial markings can be custom-made and the case back can receive a custom engraving.

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All communication was done through email with Ginault. In my experience, some micros accomplish zero backlash by putting a very strong spring in the bezel. Internally, the Ginault uses an unbranded copy of a Rolex Glidelock clasp. They have made no promises for future discounts in return for my comparison if favorable. The watch wears well on my wrist. I've spent more on watches which have had these issues. John McMurtry from Ginault responded in a timely fashion and the watch was shipped to me via usps priority with insurance and tracking. This doesn't effect me due to not being a flipper, but I've always appreciated when a manufacturer warrants the product, not the person. The closest example to what I liked was the MKii Fulcrum, but I have some concerns about pricing, wait times, and after sales service. I've inspected it as closely as I am able and can find no defects in printing or dust, or polish.

The Powertrain, for an oscillator to deliver the perfect rhythm of 28,800 beats per hour without either gaining or losing time requires a set of gears made with the highest accuracy, with effectively zero tolerance for error in delivering consistent power from the mainspring. Assisted by modern computerized manufacturing techniques, our suppliers make the movement plates and bridges with the exactitude asked by our watch design blueprints. I've been looking at adding a mil sub homage to the stable, but every example I see from the major players have dull flat black dials with printed indices and usually done in that awful yellow / tan fake "vintage" lume.

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